Posted on Jul 29, 2020

John's Garage Doors

There Are 2 Kinds of Garage Doors in Tucson... Which Kind Do You Have?

There are 2 kinds of garage doors - those that need a repair or service right away, and those that will need a repair or service in the future. When your garage door, or garage door opener, isn’t working the way you want it to, instead of getting frustrated trying to do the repairs yourself, call a reliable professional that specializes in garage door repair - Tucson counts on John's Garage Door Repair!

Repair or Replacement? Check Your Options

When you understand that most things on a garage door can be fixed by a knowledgeable service tech, wouldn’t you rather see if you can get more life out of your existing door rather than spending money on a brand new one if it isn’t necessary?

At the same time, because at John’s, we know when a door has truly reached the end of its’ useful lifespan and repairing it doesn’t make any sense, if we tell you that you’re better off buying a new door, it’s not because we’re trying to sell you one. We don’t do new doors!

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