Posted on Sep 3, 2022

John's Garage Doors

When you're looking to fix a broken garage door, there are two main problems that you'll encounter. If you've got a stuck door or one that won't open or close properly, you almost certainly have a problem with the spring (or springs). Because these are very powerful springs under a lot of tension, your best bet is to call a professional repairman.

The most common problem is that your garage door isn't opening and closing properly. There could be a number of different issues causing this, including worn out or broken springs, failing cables, or even some faulty rollers. A professional technician can diagnose the issue quickly and efficiently.

If you find yourself having trouble getting your garage door to close completely, it's possible that something else is wrong. When the door closes unevenly, it's usually because of a problem with the cables and or pulley, which are under tension from the springs.  You'll need to contact an expert to figure out what the exact cause of your problem is.  Not knowing what you're doing can lead to not only significantly more damage to your garage door, but can also lead to serious injury or worse.

Call John's Garage Doors today and we'll have a skilled technician out to take care of things for your quickly and safely.  
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